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Turmeric benefit

Around 4000 scientific studies have shown the turmeric’s surprising virtues on the health.

Already several millions of people around the world daily use turmeric. Chinese medicine or Indian Ayurvedic medicine know for millennia the curcuma’s incredible  antioxidant virtues. By fighting free radicals responsible of oxidization, turmeric was considered as a real elixir of youth only reserved for the most powerful castes.

Knowing everything on turmeric :

curcuma bienfaits  Fiche d'identité :

Nom : Turmeric

Nom latin : Curcuma longa

Famille : Zingiberaceae

Origine : Southern Asia



 What is Turmeric ?

Turmeric comes from India where its is very consumed. This plant with a strong coloring power and subtle flavours is a complete treatment with 100% natural vegetable active ingredients. Some people consider it as the 21st century ‘s supplement food.

This hardy plant is part of the ginger  family  as the cardamome. The turmeric comes from Southern Asia.



The curcuma contains an incredible richness of antioxidants. It is one of the most 5 antioxidant plants worldwide.

The turmeric’s principal components are :

  • Starch
  • Curcuminoids which are natural pigments with antioxidant properties. The principal one  is the curcumin which is a very powerful antioxidant . It has medicinal properties which purifiy blood, protect the liver, heal the intestines, and are anti-inflammatory.



The turmeric is a powerful plant and known for its medicinal virtues. Its use happened  for 4000 years ago. For many years, several scientific studies have been made on turmeric benefits and its preventive virtues.

The turmeric is a spicy with strong antioxidant powers, as ginger, for their therapeutics and revitalizing virtues.


Its use :

The turmeric is mainly used for  its rhizome which is well appreciated in spicy. Traditionally, it is boiled, then, its skin is removed, and finally, it is dried in the sun before being reduced in powder. Its rhizome is also used in dye by bringing a nice yellow- orange color, thanks to a natural pigment, the curcumin.

With its 100% natural active ingredients, the turmeric is known for its benefits and helps the body against pains, without secondary effects. The turmeric can help you for :

  • Inflammatory diseases : rheumatism, osteoarthritis as well as chronic  inflammatory pathologies (Crohn’s disease) . The turmeric has both  a preventive and a curative power on joint pains.
  • Inflammation of the digestive system : the turmeric is known for its benefits on the digestive system.
  • Blood thinner : the turmeric helps to treat circulatory problems
  • Maintaining  the efficiency of the immune system
  • Supporting nervous system’s functions
  • Relieving  joint and bone pains
  • Antioxidant : the turmeric is used for cellular ageing prevention


The TURMERIC in every shape and form :

 You probably know the curcuma powder, but you can also enjoy its benefits in others forms. We recommend you :

  • Famille Mary  Honey & Turmeric : allies turmeric benefits with acacia honey beneficial virtues.
  • Curcuma & organic Propolis caps : to help reinforcing your immune system.


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