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Elixir of the Beekeeper

Elixir of the Beekeeper
Elixir of the Beekeeper
€29.85 €44.85
Miel & Abricot Amande - 100g - Cadeau
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Elixir of the Beekeeper
Elixir of the Beekeeper
€29.85 €44.85

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Inspired by Jean Mary's formula, beekeeper and keen on bees, the Beekeeper's Elixir is an association of 54 organic plants* + 4 treasures from the bees, which act in synergy to boost your energy. Its richness in plants, of complementary and basic flavours associated with the treasures from the hive, explains its traditional purifying and tonic benefits. It is generally advised to swallow the contents of a phial each day, rather in the morning with a big glass of water. Box of 10 phials of 10 ml. *Product stemming from organic farming certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01

Usage tips

Une ampoule par jour, dans un verre d'eau, de préférence le matin à jeun. Déconseillé aux femmes enceintes, allaitantes et enfants de moins de 12 ans. Précautions d'usage : déconseillé en dehors des repas, aux enfants, adolescents, femmes enceintes ou allaitant, aux personnes souffrant d'allergie aux dérivés salicylés, sous traitement anti-coagulant, ayant une hypothyroïdie ou un traitement de la thyroïde, en cas de traitement antidiabétique, en cas d'antécédent personnel ou familial de cancer hormonodépendant, en cas d'insuffisance rénale. Ne pas utiliser de manière prolongée (maximum 6 semaines). Contient de la caféine (0,05mg/jour).
Natural ingredients
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Elixir of the Beekeeper
Ingredients per phial: honey *, aqueous extract of plants and products from the hive* ( angelica *, lime tree *, Filipendula ulmaria*, oat *, ash tree *, green tea *, blackcurrant *, licorice *, sage *, rosemary *, achillea *, artichoke *, cinnamon *, caraway *, eucalyptus *, fennel *, ginger *, balm *, flood *, stinging nettle *, savory *, thyme *, dill *, hawthorn *, basil *, camomile matricaire *, chicory *, turmeric *, juniper berry *, yellow gentian *, hop *, laurel *, marjoram *, black radish *, royal jelly *, pollen *, ache swamps *, star anise *, white broth *, borage *, coriander *, wild rose bush *, maté *, nutmeg *, orange *, oregano *, wild pansy *, pine *, dandelion *, elder *, verbena*, white ginseng *, peppermint *, Roman camomile *, poppy *, malva *, propolis *) *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming.
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