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Vision syrup - 4 flasks


Retrouvez un confort visuel grâce au Sirop Vision et ces actifs comme la Myrtille ou le Ginko Biloba.

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Cadeau - Sablés bio au miel & citron
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4 flasks of 125ml

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This food supplement combines the extracts of 2 plants stemming from the Organic farming. Traditionally, recognized to limit the feelings of eye tiredness and to help finding a better visual comfort, the Blueberry and the Ginkgo Biloba are also renowned for helping to improve the circulation and to prevent from eye embarrassment. Take the equivalent of 2 teaspoons a day. 125ml flask

Usage tips

Consommer l'équivalent de 10ml (soit environ 2 cuillerées à café) par jour.
À conserver au frais après ouverture.
Natural ingredients
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Vision syrup - 4 flasks
Ingredients for 10 ml: honey* 3.6ml, syrup of agave *, water, blueberry leaves* 0.24ml, blueberry fruit* 0.6ml, ginkgo leaves* 0.16ml, propolis *, lemon juice *, macérat glycerin of cranberry buds*. *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming
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