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Who is Famille Mary ?

Harvester and honey selector since 1921

Since 1921, Famille Mary harvests and selects exceptional honeys. Thanks to the know-how of 3 beekeepers generations, Famille Mary creates unique recipes with the 4 treasures of the bees : honey, royal jelly, propolis and flowers’ pollen. In association with the precious plants’ extracts, the products offer absolute moments of healthy enjoyments.

Located in Loire Valley, at “Beau-Rivage”, in a water-mill dating from the XVIIe centuries, Famille Mary draws its creations in the heart of the nature, in a privileged environment.

Creator of natural recipes & honey pleasures

With more than 40 gourmet varieties, nurturing or creative : acacia honey, orange blossom, heather, almond tree and also unusual nectars such as Jura pine honey, clementine tree… Famille Mary offers a large selection of rare honeys from the apicultural and floral heritage, and creates also exclusive Premium Honeys.

Far from any industrial process, Famille Mary selects the best harvests with French and European beekeepers partners, and assures pure quality honeys by controlled analyses made in laboratories. Find out the active ingredients of the beehives !

Find out the active ingredients of the beehives !

Customers proximity on the French territory

In order to propose proximity and the best quality, Famille Mary offers its products in direct relation with its customers, without intermediaries. Benoît Mary, member of the third generation, and CEO of this French house, has opened Famille Mary shops through the French territory since 1997. Beau-Rivage is the location for honey initiation and knowledge, that Benoît Mary and its team relay, with their expertise and experience, in the 28 Famille Mary shops.

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Genuine and long-lasting values

With the contribution to the balance of life as final goal, thanks to the treasures of the bees, Famille Mary commits to values of respect (of nature, of customers), innovation, proximity, and sharing.

The ecology, the nature of Famille Mary !


Located in a water-mill dating from the XVIIe centuries in the Loire Valley (South of Brittany) Famille Mary lives in harmony with nature. Out of respect for the bees, the company is especially careful to the environment preservation, through the ecologic site of Beau-Rivage, near the river...

Sustainable development

Famille mary makes a commitment on the human respect :

  • Fair business practises with a beekeeper network
  • Independant family business
  • Respect of suppliers
  • Active partnership with the work-assistance center for disabled
  • Participation to charities
  • Products not tested on animals

Respect of the environment

Famille Mary commits to contribute to “The respect of our planet”

  • Selection of recyclable packaging
  • Recycling contract of boxes with a social rehabilitation enterprise
  • Thanks to bees, the company is a part of the balance of the ecosystem

A profound respect for the balance of life

Engagement on the natural origin of products !

Famille Mary offers a range of products based on plants and honeys from organic farming. Faithful to the quality requirements, regular controls concerning the origin of the products are made to ensure an optimal quality. Honeys are extracted at cold in the purest apicultural tradition. Moreover, numerous analyses are made to guarantee the purity of the products.

Cosmetics tested

Made in laboratories, the cosmetics products based on plants and beehives products are subject to many tolerance tests, made by a research center in dermopharmacy. Some of them benefit from the Cosmebio label.

Capsules 100% green

For an optimal security, the capsules have a vegetable envelop. The capsules have marine origins and their contents are guaranteed without coloring or preservatives.

Organic quality certified

The organic range of products is certified by the Ecocert organism, partner with the suppliers.


The engagement of Famille Mary for the protection of bees !

The French honey : a scarce commodity !

For some years now, the French honey crop is dropping sharply. It has decreased of 50% in 15 years (14000 tons for 2013 versus 33000 for 1995). Scarcely any acacia, neither thyme, nor rosemary, just some colza, pine and sweet chestnut tree ! The mortality of the bee colonies is growing steadily : from 15 to 30% depending of the region.

80% of the plants species depend on bees !

The pollination of 200 000 flowering plant species (80%) is dependant of the bee. Apples, tomatoes, apricots, pears… are threatened if bees disappear. It’s not only worrying for the gourmands, but also for the environment, and the agriculture, on which depends a large area of pollen-gathering insects.

1% for the bees

In 2014, Famille mary has launched a supporting action by a donation of 1% of its honey sales to the National Union of the French Apiculture (30000€ minimum), namely 1 jar of honey bought = 1% for the bees ! * The NUFA (National Union of the French Apiculture) is the first apicole trade-union organization in France. It gathers 22 beekeepers, organizes regular actions to preserve the pollinating fauna., the biodiversity and the environment, and is a technical support for beekeepers… www.unaf-apiculture.info

*Supporting action from 01/09/2014 to 31/08/2015, valid on honeypots and honey in bulks bought in Famille Mary shops and on its website www.famillemary.fr