This year, we are celebrating the 95th anniversary of Famille Mary. For this very special occasion, we are going to introduce you our company like you have never seen it before. Enter with us to discover the heart of the hive !

Benoit Mary’s word (CEO of Famille Mary)

From this unique and essential link between nature and mankind, I have drawn 5 fundamental values that define our beekeeper profession : transmit our passion for bees and the benefits of their treasures, respect the environment and be in harmony with bees and nature, create a long-term relationship with our beekeeper network to offer the best honey, design and invent the future to insure the durability of our company and keep the proximity with our loyal customers on the French territory. Our mission is to contribute to life balance thanks to the bees’ products & the nature, respecting the planet. This philosophy in total harmony with nature is Famille Mary’s base and we have our heart set on transmitting it through generations and generations for 95 years.”


La transmission d’un savoir-faire familial en accord avec des valeurs authentiques et pérennes.

With the ultimate goal of contributing to life balance, through the bees’ treasures, Famille Mary makes a commitment to its values of respect (of nature, of customers), innovation, proximity, and sharing.

Avec comme but ultime de contribuer à l’équilibre de vie, grâce aux trésors des abeilles, Famille Mary s’engage envers des valeurs de respect (de la nature, des clients), d’innovation, de proximité et de partage.

Offer The Best og the hive's products

An outstanding beekeeping production

Far from any industrial process, Famille Mary selects the best harvests from our partners and guarantee quality honeys, analysed and tested in laboratories.

Owner of 1000 beehives located in the Loire Valley and South of Brittany, Famille Mary has a team of 4 experimented beekeepers.


 Commit to have a natural origin and quality products

Selected and controlled great honeys

Famille Mary has its own laboratory for the honey quality control since 2005, equipped with high-technology material.

Famille Mary offers a plant and honey-based range of products, coming from organic farming.

Careful about quality, regular controls concerning the origin of the products are made to guarantee an optimum quality.

Honey are cold extracted in the pure beekeeping tradition. Moreover, many analyses are practised to guarantee the quality of the products




Maintain a proximity and human advise on the french territory

Since its origin, Famille Mary sells its products only in direct relation with its customers, without any intermediaries.


Enter in a Famille Mary store is a unique and new experience of beehives’ treasures discovery. The advisors have a thorough knowledge of the beneficial and taste virtues of the bees’ products and are endlessly trained about that subject at the “Moulin de Beau Rivage”.

Thus, every customer is welcomed by passionate advisors, who will offer personalized gastronomic, well-being and beauty information at the same time

Famille Mary’s brand is located in France through a 28 stores network, regional markets, by mail or telephone via the catalog, and 24 hours a day on the following website :

28ème boutique ouverte à Annecy en novembre 2015

Annecy, the 28th store opened in november 2015

Miel en vrac avec possibilité d'apporter son propre pot ou d'en acheter un sur place.

Honey by weight, with the possibility to bring your own jar or to buy it on site.

Carry on the human and environment respect

Located in Anjou (South Britanny)  in a XVIIth century watermill, Famille Mary lives in harmony with nature. Out of respect for the bees, the company is paying close attention to the environment preservation, through the ecologic site of Beau rivage, near the river…


Sustainable developmentéveloppement durable

Famille Mary commits itself to preserve the planet :

  • Production site is eco-conceived, without pollution

  • Various product certified by Ecocert label since 2005

  • Recyclable packaging choice

  • Box recycling contract with a company of social rehabilitation

  • Thanks to the bee, the company is part of the  ecosystem balance.

Famille Mary commits itself to respect the human :

  • Fair trade practises with the beekeepers’ network

  • Family owned & independent company

  • Respect of the suppliers
  • Active partnership with a work-based support center for disabled
  • Involvement in charities
  • Products non-tested on animals

merci-abeillesBe a part of the Bees preservation and support the beekeeping sector

A collaborative system : the 1% for the bees operation


Famille Mary has launched since september 2014, a supportive action by donating 1% of the honey sells to the French National Union of Beekeeping (24 000 beekeepers), namely, 1 honey jar bought = 1% for the bees.

 In 2015, Famille Mary has donated 38 600€ to the UNAF (French National Union of Beekeeping).

The Famille Mary company trough 3 generations

The 3 generations

1ere-generation 2eme-generation3eme-generation

The key dates that have marked the company history




From the first honey harvest to the creation of the 3 Famille Mary universes: gourmand, wellbeing & beauty

Honey and gourmand creation

Famille Mary harvests and selects the most sophisticated honeys produced in preserved territories.

The honey range has more than 30 monofloral honeys, coming from the floral beekeeping heritage. Unique flavors, colors & textures, a taste & nurturing emotion, a travel through preserved territories and regions.

vieux-pot Sweet or well-seasoned, gold or copper-coloured, everyone is going to find what he’s looking for to savour breakfasts, brunches, snacks, cooking, teas, herbal teas…
vieux-pot-2Beyond the senses journey, Famille Mary honeys, are also exclusive creations with premium honeys : in their uncluttered glass box, in order to enhance your daily moments.



The weelbeing



2016 : a range of wellbeing supplements made of beehives’ treasures and plants

Nowadays, Famille Mary harvests and selects all the beehives’ treasures (honey, royal jelly, propolis & pollen) for the wellbeing and the vitality.

These 4 precious natural ingredients allow to protect, invigorate & preserve the organism. Available in differents  forms, they are both gourmet and healthy !complements

The beauty

2010, creation of the organic cosmetic range, made with beehive treasures

Beehive treasures specialist, Famille Mary has combined the beneficial effects of these natural actives for skin care by creating the organic cosmetic brand Abellie

These beehive treasures (royal jelly, propolis, wax) and honey-based natural cares are formulated without paraben, organic certified by Ecocert and made in France. The range is composed of nearly 30 organic cares, for face ,body & hair..Abellie

From the local production to the international development : the key figures