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Eclat de Beauté® Enhanced Skin phials

The organic Eclat de Beauté® phials are a food supplement for the skin which contributes to naturally enhance your skin.

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Éclat de Beauté® Enhanced Skin phials - 1 box
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Eclat de Beauté® Enhanced Skin phials - 3 boxes
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Abellie’s organic Eclat de beauté® Enhanced Skin phials has been especially made to purify and sublimate the skin. The aloe vera juice combined with evening primrose oil, royal jelly and burdock, revitalize and deeply moisturize your skin.
Subtly scented, this food supplement for skin contributes to eliminate toxins and to restore radiance to your complexion.

The organic Eclat de Beaute® enhanced skin phials contains :

  • Organic aloe vera juice : known to its detoxifying virtues on the organism, the aloe vera is the main active of this food supplement for the beauty of your skin. As juice, it naturally purifies your organism from the inside, and acts against skin aging and imperfections. Rich in nutritive components, the aloe vera contributes to renew epidermis cells for a healthy skin.
  • Organic evening primrose oil : From North America, the evening primrose oil is known for its anti-aging benefits. Naturally rich in E vitamin, it acts against free radicals responsible of the skin premature aging. Finally, it deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Organic royal jelly : Thanks to this treasure from the hive, rich in B vitamin as well as trace elements, the bee queen can live 40 times longer than a bee ! Thus, these phials contribute to regenerate the skin for an anti-aging action.
  • Carrot juice : The carrot juice, ideal for tired skins, contributes to restore the radiance of your complexion thanks to its natural richness in beta-carotene and C vitamin.
  • Organic burdock : This purple pink plant has its roots in Asia and Europe. Known for its action on the skin, the burdock contributes to regulate the sebum secretion. Detoxifying and purifying, it helps to naturally cleanse the skin.


Box of 10 phials

Usage tips

It is recommended to take the content of one phials per day during one month, rather in the morning, diluted in a glass of water. Open the phial by breaking off both ends.
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Eclat de Beauté® Enhanced Skin phials

Ingredients per 10ml phials :

Aloe vera juice, evening primrose seed oil*, carrot juice*, burdock dry extract*, royal jelly*, mango puree, apricot natural aroma*, purified drinking water.

* Ingredients from organic farming

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