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Eclat Royal® Day Cream


Formulated to lift your skin and to obtain a unified complexion, the Eclat Royal® Day Cream is an anti-dark spots day cream. 

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Cadeau - Sablés bio au miel & citron
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1 jar of 30ml

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The Eclat Royal® Day Cream has been especially made to lift your skin and to fade dark spots. This anti-dark spots cream effectively acts for a soft skin and a luminous complexion.


  • Butterfly lavender: Deep wrinkles are the result of 2 actions : muscle contractions and the creation of folds by the structural change of the dermis, which will be more and more marked and will become permanent. The use of butterfly lavender extract within the anti-wrinkles day cream, immediately contributes to a lifting effect, by blocking muscle contractions during 24h. The benefits of the butterfly lavender enables the anti-wrinkles day cream to improve the skin surface : the skin is smooth and the wrinkle depth is reduced. 
  • Bee venom°: Bee venom naturally contains melittin. Thanks to this active ingredient, this anti-wrinkles day cream provides many benefits. 
  • Blue everlasting flower: This little blue flower has the sweet name of Everlasting because it never fades. It blossoms in stony and bathed in sunlight lands which do not hold water, because it does not need to be regularly irrigate. There are more than 500 varieties of it, but in only 5 or 6, an essential oil rich in active molecules can be extracted . Cultivated in the Camargue region, this extract helps to preserve the skin against sun damage by catching free radicals (UVA, UVB, pollution,etc…) Thanks to its strong antioxidant power, this active ingredient protects the skin against photo-aging (loss of elasticity, loss of suppleness, appearance of dark spots).
  • Sea fern: Also named brown seaweed, it is known to reduce age spots for a unified and luminous complexion. Used in the anti-wrinkles day cream, this active ingredient has regenerating properties : it contributes to improve the skin firmness and elasticity by maintaining collagen and elastin rates as well as preserving the skin moisture balance.

30ml jar.

Usage tips

Apply the Eclat Royal® Day Cream each morning, by delicate massages on cleaned face and neck.

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