Eclat royal Night Cream ® - 1 jar

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Eclat Royal® night cream has been formulated to soften your stains and regenerate your skin. This regenerating night cream is the ideal nocturnal ally of normal to dry skin.

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1 jar of 30ml
€29.00 €39.00
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Elaborated to contribute to cell regeneration while sleeping, ECLAT ROYAL NIGHT CREAM® acts effectively for a soft skin & a luminous complexion. It allies the power of 4 natural actives ingredients.


  • Wild acanthus : wild acanthus extract strengthens skin natural barrier effect thanks to its action on the epidermis repair differentiation process. This night cream active acts quickly to improve the state of damaged skin. Its dermo-protective effect is also beneficial for dry skins. Cutaneous barrier is strengthened, that will lead to a skin hydration, flexibility and softness renewal.
  • Bee venom: naturally contains melittin renowned for its many virtues.
  • Aloe vera has nourishing, regenerating and vitalizing properties on the skin.
  • Sea fern : also known as brown seaweed, reduces dark spots and unifies face complexion.



Instructions: Apply & gently massage every night to a clean face and neck.

1 jar of 30 ml.

*Bee venom is harvested respecting bees


Usage tips

La crème de Nuit Éclat Royal® est à appliquer chaque soir par massages délicats sur visage et cou nettoyés.

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