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Green propolis & honey syrup - For Adults

Green propolis & honey syrup - For Adults
Green propolis syrup - For Adults
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Miel & Abricot Amande - 100g - Cadeau
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Green propolis & honey syrup - For Adults
Green propolis syrup - For Adults
€23.90 €27.90

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Enriched with eucalyptus honey (48%), mallow and lemon, this organic* syrup with brown propolis is a real ally in preventing the cold and soothing your throat at the onset of winter ailments.

A purifying ally for your throat

Specially formulated to contribute to the well-being of the throat and promote better respiratory comfort. Organic eucalyptus honey and brown propolis are treasures from the beehive, with numerous benefits for your body. 

Like our organic breathing toddy, eucalyptus honey helps soothe irritated throats in the event of a cough, and also has strong healing properties. Mallow is renowned for its ability to soothe throat irritations. Thanks to its emollient properties, it can reduce inflammation and soothe sore throats. Thanks to its high vitamin C content, lemon supports the body's defense efforts and helps curb respiratory tract diseases.

Brown propolis: a genuine natural shield 

Harvested by bees from certain tree buds (willow, birch, oak...), brown propolis protects the hive from microbes by acting as a natural shield. Bees use it as a natural material to protect their hive during winter. Its molecules, such as flavonoids, help fight infection. 

Cold weather and seasonal hazards weaken the body, so those with sensitive respiratory tracts would do well to take a program of brown propolis at the start of winter to limit these minor inconveniences.

How to use it? 

This 100% natural organic propolis syrup combines the benefits of honey and brown propolis with those of mallow and lemon, selected for their soothing action on the throat and respiratory tract. Use it as soon as you feel the first tickle in your throat or when you feel a chill coming on. 

This natural treasure is a food supplement. Consume as part of a varied diet. Keep out of reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose of one tablespoon (10ml) per day. 

If you're not a syrup fan, you can also take our pure propolis chew. You can also complete your brown propolis cure with our organic propolis spray or propolis inhaler.

100 years of know-how 

Harvesters and selectors since 1921, Famille Mary offers a collection of quality honeys from France's beekeeping floral heritage.  From its inception to the present day, the company has constantly innovated to develop the benefits of the hive's treasures while preserving biodiversity. Today, Famille Mary offers almost 50 varieties of honey and has developed a complete range of well-being products incorporating the active ingredients of beekeeping.

Packaging: 150ml bottle

*Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women or children. 

*Product from organic farming certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01

Usage tips

Prendre 10ml ( soit ~12,8g) par jour soit environ 2 cuillerées à café . Agiter avant emploi. Stocker dans l'emballage d'origine, à l'abri de la chaleur, de la lumière et de l'humidité. L'emploi chez les enfants de moins de 6 ans et chez les femmes enceintes est déconseillé.
Natural ingredients
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Green propolis & honey syrup - For Adults

Syrup of agave, glycerin, honey 10%, hydro-glycérined extract of green propolis 5.82%, lemon juice, essential oil of eucalyptus 0.008% and thyme 0.007%, vitamin D3 0.003%.

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