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Green propolis and Thyme honey

Protect your throat efficiently with honey and green propolis.

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Miel de Thym et Propolis verte - 1 pot
Green propolis and Thyme honey
€29.90 €33.80
Miel & Abricot Amande - 100g - Cadeau
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Miel de Thym et Propolis verte - 1 pot
Green propolis and Thyme honey
€29.90 €33.80

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This Thyme honey has an antioxidant action 18 (PAOT 18+). It's associated to the virtues of green propolis - source of artepillin C.

Green propolis is harvested by bees on Baccharis Dracuncunlifolia. This propolis is also used, like the brown propolis, by the bees to protect the hive from microbes and viruses. Green propolis has Artepillin C, an active ingredient that enhances its virtues. The thyme honey is characterized by a powerful aroma combined with a taste reminiscent of the thyme plant. This honey is known for its healing benefits and to soften the throat.

1 to 3 teaspoons a day

200g jar

This honey is extracted cold and potted in our mill Beau Rivage

Discover below a video presentation of our Thyme Honey and Propolis Green :


Usage tips

1 à 3 cuillerées à café par jour en fonction du besoin
Natural ingredients
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Green propolis and Thyme honey

thyme honey 98%, green propolis extract 2%

Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g
Energie 1272kJ (304kcal)
Matières grasses 0g
Dont acides gras saturés 0g
Glucides 82,4g
Dont sucres 82,12g
Fibres alimentaires 0g
Protéines 0,3g
Sel 0,01g


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