New - Immunity booster caspules

Imunity booster capsules to stimulate your body!

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New - Immunity booster caspules - 1 jar
New - Immunity booster caspules - 2 jars
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Discover the total antioxidant power of these immunity booster capsules. Made of virgin olive oil, these capsules ally green propolis and thym essential oil and are enriched in vitamin D3 that contributes, day after day, to the good functioning of immune system and also act to maintain bone and dental health.

These green propolis capsules contains:

  • thyme essential oil, tonic and energizing, this oil is known to fight against mental and physical tiredness.
  • Green propolis: Thanks to flavonoids and phenolic acids it contains, it protects and reinforce the body naturaly by improving its action against external agressions
  • Vitamin D3: Acts for the good functioning of immune system and contributes to maintain good bone and dental health

Total antioxidant power based on European antioxydant Institute analysis. Rich in vitamin D3 Instructions : Take 3 capsules a day with a glass of water. 60 capsules jar

Usage tips

Conseil d'utilisation : prendre 3 capsules par jour avec un verre d'eau le matin de préférence. Ce trésor naturel est un complément alimentaire. A consommer dans le cadre d'une alimentation variée. Tenir hors de portée des jeunes enfants. Ne pas dépasser la dose conseillée.
Natural ingredients
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New - Immunity booster caspules

Ingredients per casule: green propolis oily extract with olive oil 498,95mg, Tocopherol (antioxydant), thyme essential oil 0.05mg, vitamin D3 1,67µg Bovine origin gelatin capsule 235mg

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