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Who we are ? - Our commitments

The environmentally-friendly approach of Famille Mary

Nearly one century of passion for bees and environment


The company philosophy is in complete harmony with nature :

Famille Mary, harvesting and selecting honeys in Anjou, has strong ecological values which are daily reflected in each of its actions. From the bee preservation, its ecological production methods, to healthy and quality product offers in shops or on internet, everything is studied to respect the environment and its customers.

« Contributing to the life balance  thanks to products from bees and nature is our mission ! » Benoit Mary

Les apiculteurs Famille Mary dans le rucher du bois joli près du moulin de Beau

 Les apiculteurs Famille Mary dans le rucher du bois joli près du moulin de Beau


 Nos engagements écologiques





With its healthy product range, a wide selection of organic products and honey selling in tank, Famille Mary offers to its customers, the experience of a sustainable consumption !


Honeys sold in tank :

In each of its shops, Famille Mary provides honey sold in tank. Thus, it is possible to bring his own jar or to buy one on the spot, and to fill the desired quantity. By choosing this type of honey selling, the customers contribute to reduce waste !

You can find here all the honeys sold in tank available in each shop and doing the link through the shops’ page. Famille Mary is the only brand to offer honey selling in bulk on the national territory. Each month, the shops offer an exclusive selection of 2 or 3 honeys sold in tank with nectars from the region. The  Guerande Honey at La Baule, the Sauternes & Honey at Bordeaux, the acacia Honey from the South-West at Toulouse… For each address its local delight ! 






An organic honey range :


In order to satisfy a clientele involved in a consumption  from organic farming, Famille Mary offers a collection of organic honeys. Harvested according to beekeeping methods which meet to  strict specifications of organic certifications, they are subjected to several controls (honey origin, pollen gathering area, hives’ maintenance and materials, bee care, harvests, honey extractions and packaging…).





Famille Mary requirement applies on measures of product quality and traceability  as well as on ecological production methods.










  • A quality control and a honeys’ traceability:

Famille Mary has its own quality control laboratory of honeys, with high technology material since 2005.

  1. Honey extracted cold. 
  2. Determination of honey type by analysis under microscope of the pollen contained in honeys offered.
  3. Sensorial analysis : color, texture, flavour.
  4. Measure of honey freshness and purity.
  5. Control of honey quality by complex analysis : HMF, PH.
  6. Inspection of the lack of contaminants : antibiotics and pesticides.
  7. Complete traceability with the region of production of our beekeepers guaranteed.


  • Production methods studied to reduce the environmental footprint
  1. Eco-design production site, without polluting waste.
  2. Packaging unite certified by Ecocert since 2005.
  3. An agreement for recyclable cardboard with a reintegration company.
  4. Thanks to bee, the company takes part in the ecosystem’s natural balance. 





A commitment for bee protection and a support for beekeeping sector.

Since September 2014, Famille Mary has launched a supporting action by donating 1% of honey sales to the French Union of Beekeepers, (24 000 beekeepers), that is to say 1 honey jar bought = 1% for bees !

To date, the company has already donated more than 75 000€ to the French Union of Beekeepers (UNAF) thanks to the success of the first editions resulting from  this operation.