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Green propolis oral spray - 1 tube


Purifiez votre gorge avec le spray propolis verte.

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Cadeau - 1 pot de Délice citron palet breton de 110g
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1 spray

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This oral spray containing honey, thyme and sage, is alcohol free and has a delicious raspberry flavour. It refreshes the mouth and the breath. Suitable for children and adult. One-two spraying in the mouth 2 - 3 times a day are generally recommended.

20ml spray

Usage tips

1 à 2 pulvérisations 2 à 3 fois par jour. Déconseillé aux femmes enceintes et allaitantes.
Natural ingredients
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Green propolis oral spray - 1 tube
Aqueous extract of sage and thyme 65.5 %, glycerin, hydro-glycerined extract of green propolis* 9.8 %, lemon juice *, aroma raspberry 2 %, sorbate of potassium, benzoate of sodium. *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming
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