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Harvester and breeder of honey since 1921

Jérôme, Christian & Thierry : les apiculteurs Famille MaryLocated in a 17th century water mill in the Loire Valley (South of Brittany), Famille Mary lives in harmony with nature and enjoys a mild climate very specific to the region.

From a 3 generation know-how in observing the hives and bees, Famille Mary finds its inspiration to create unique unique recipes from 4 beehive treasures : honey, royal jelly, propolis and pollen.

Our honeys are cold extracted and are issued from our own production and beekeper's partners. Due to climate change, when our honeys are not sufficiently produced in France, we seek honeys from preserved environments thanks to our beekeper's partners. In fact, when our honeys are not sufficiently produced in quantity in France due to climate change, we seek honey from partner beekeepers that are harvested in preserved environments. In order to guarantee its quality, our honey stems from the best European regions for every floral appellation. They are certified and controlled by laboratory tests in order to guarantee their purety and traceability.

We associate the benefits of the beehive's treasures with plants in order to offer healthy products for your well-being.



Expert in Royal Jelly since 1952

Jean Mary, fondateur de Famille Mary

This beehive treasure possess lot of benefits. In fact, it enables the queen bee to live 40 times longer than the working bees

Aware of its properties, Famille Mary was pioneer in royal jelly harvesting in 1952. Since then, it has developed its expertise and has participated to clinic studies with Nantes hospital (2005). Since 2015, Famille Mary, invested in research about antioxidant level of organic royal jelly, with the European Institute for Antioxidant Nancy (IEA). All Famille Mary royal jelly are certified "Total Antioxidant Power". Furthermore, each batches are analyzed in vitamins, minerals, by Eurofins scientific French laboratory. Our royal jelly is exclusively organic, and certified organic by Ecocert France.

My grandfather, Jean Mary, beekeeper, impacted our family history. In 1921, after its beekeeping studies in Switzerland, he himself established himself in its homeland in Beau Rivage in Anjou in the Loire Valley. In a 17th century mill that he acquired to stay with his family, Jean Mary installed 2 hives and started to take interest in the beekeeping activity. Resourceful and passionate about this art, he abandoned agriculture and dedicated his life to bees.

Benoit MARY, president of FAMILLE MARY - 3rd generation.

Creator of natural recipes and honey delights

With more than 40 gourmet, beneficial and creative varieties : acacia honey, orange blossom, heather, almond, rare nectars such as Jura fir Honey or Ardennes linden honey...Famille Mary offers a large selection of rare honeys issued from the floral beekeeping patrimony, without along with the original creations of our premium honeys.

Proximity with our clients worldwide

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In order to guarantee the best possible quality, Famille Mary has chosen direct selling without intermediaries. Based in Beau Rivage, in Anjou, our customer service is at your entire disposal from Monday to Saturday Noon - dial +33 2 41 55 35 79. It is also possible to order directly from our website www.famillemary.com

Since 1997, Famille Mary stores have been established in France in order to discover and taste our products. Tastings, samples, advice...discover all about honey with our hive specialists. Don't hesistate to consult our store's list and find the closest to you ! For every store, find the list of the available honey in tank and the opening hours.



100 years of passion for Honey

  • 2018 : Creation of La Ruche de Mary, eco tourist site around bees
  • 2017: Famille Mary offers nearly 150 beneficial and gourmet beehive treasures issued from the hive
  • 2016 In 95 years, Famille Mary became a quality brand and offers a variety of honeys and is trusted by 250000 clients
  • 2014: Famille Mary partners with the French apiary network "Merci pour les abeilles" supporting action by donating 1% of its honey sales to the French Union of Beekeepers (UNAF).
  • 2011: Opening of the Abellie SPA in Beau Rivage - Launch of Abellie : Organic Honey and Royal Jelly made Cosmetics
  • 2008: Opening of the "Maison de l'apiculteur" in Beau Rivage - unique interactive space to discover and learn about the bees and its environment (22000 visitors)
  • 2005: 1st clinical study on Royal Jelly in France with the Nantes CHU. Launching of the organic royal jelly, certified by Ecocert guaranteed in vitamins B and trace elements
  • 2003: Creation of a honey quality control laboratory with systematic analysis of all our honeys to guarantee a pure and natural nectar.
  • 2000: Benoit Mary became the President (3rd generation) and launched the first e-commerce website www.famillemary.fr
  • 1997: Opening of the First Famille Mary store in Nantes.
  • 1990: Famille Mary carry out a study with the CNRS of Orleans on the benefits of Royal Jelly.
  • 1980: André Mary and his siblings (2nd generation start distance selling
  • 1952: The sons of Jean Mary (André, Pierre and their sisters) start to produce Royal Jelly and develop the production of honey
  • 1937: Jean Mary establish his hives on the Atlantic coast and sells his products on the markets of La Baule and other regions.
  • 1921: Jean Mary create his first hive and harvest his first kilo of honey in the Beau Rivage mill.


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